The following colours are included in Hyllteknik's basic range. Earlier colour range are complementary.

We stock white T-1 and paint all others upon ordering. All standard colours are painted at no extra cost. Additional colours are painted for  SEK 540 net, excl. VAT/order.
Our metal products can also be galvanised or clear coated. If you prefer a specific RAL colour, please ask for a quote. Hyllteknik has a highly effective coating facility, which is also subject to subcontract coating.

Standard colours

  • T1 White, glossy
    RAL 9016

  • T100 White texture, mat
    RAL 9010

  • T101 Light grey, mat
    RAL 7044

  • T102 Medium grey, mat
    RAL 7039

  • T103 Graphite grey, mat
    RAL 7022

  • T4 Black, mat
    RAL 9005

  • T9 Aluminium, metallic

  • T5 Metal texture, metallic

Additional colours

  • T104 Grey beige, mat
    RAL 1019

  • T8 Pine green, mat
    RAL 6028

  • T107 Ocean blue, mat
    RAL 5020

  • T108 Turqoise blue, mat
    RAL 5018

  • T105 Red orange, mat
    RAL 2001

  • T10 Bright red, glossy NCS S 1580 Y90R

  • T106 Rubin red, mat
    RAL 3003

  • T109 Violet, mat
    RAL 4007